Silfra is a world top 3 diving site located in just about a hour drive from Reykjavik. Silfra is actually the ravine between the Eurasian continental plate and the American continental plate, which are drifting apart about 2 cm in average every year.  When diving Silfra you can dive from Eruope to America and back as many times you like and no visas needed.

Silfra  Silfra has a constant temperature of 2-4°C year around because the water is coming up from underneath the lava field after traveling for years underground from our glaciers and going as deep as 6 kilometers into the ground. The water is about 2/3 glacier water and about 1/3 rain water.  You can swim out the ravine effortless because of a mild current pushing you. Silfra never freezes over because of the current. Silfra offers open water diving, caving and deep diving, but the depth is about 40 meters open water and 58 meters inside a cave (we do not offer dives down to there). Weather does almost not play any part in diving in Silfra, except it´s more beautiful in sunny weather. If we can go up there, because of snow (during winter), we can dive there. Please go to our tour page or contact us, if you wish to go diving in Silfra.  Silfra is beautiful all year around and the Silfra tour are done on request all year.  In the summer time from June 1st to July 15th we offer Silfra midnight tours due to our 24 hours brightness during that time.  Silfra 

Strýtan is another place we can rank in world top 10 diving sites list, because this thermal chimney is just like nothing else in this world. It´s simple one of it kind.

Strytan  Strýtan is a thermal chimney build up from a hot water spring on the bottom of 70 meters, rising like a tower up to about 15 meters depth. Divers diving there can see hot water rising up from it all over it and you can even feel the warmth.  Strytan 

Strýtan is a place where you can see all kinds of sea life, expecially the small animals hiding in the warmer water. But most of the times there are dozens, or even hundreds of Cods swimming up and down the thermal chimney. Please go to our tour page or contact us if you wish to go diving in Strýtan.  The Akureyri weekend tour goes to both Silfra and Strýtan.

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